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Rein India Foundation is a not for profit organisation and it was founded in December 2016 with a motive to bring sustainable social changes. Mrs. Vaishali Rajarathinam is a founder member and managing trustee of the organisation. Being M.S.W graduate she believes firmly that grass root level efforts can bring in expected social changes. Working with people and working for people is an ethic of Rein India Foundation.
Menstrual Hygiene Management:
We make sure that girls are having enough water, soap, and a toilet facility where they can get a privacy to change a pad. We also keep track of which kind of absorbent girls are using; in most of the cases it is disposable pads
Why we are getting periods and why we get stomach pains during periods:
Being in adolescent age group each girl should know about basics of a periods like why we get a period after certain age, importance of periods to have a healthy life as a young woman. Why we get stomach pains during periods. We also show them basic anatomy of woman body, so they could understand physical fact about periods.
Absorbent material to be used:
It is very much necessary to find out what kind of absorbent girls are using. At the same time suggesting them a best option is our duty as a facilitator to inform them about best practices.
Information about menstrual cycle:
We also speak about menstrual cycle and why it is important to have a regular period for a healthy life. This fact become important when we find most of the girls don’t have a proper knowledge about menstruation cycle.
Personal and environmental Safety measures:
During young age a knowledge about Personal health and environmental cleanliness is very important thing to learn with. During our sessions we speak with girls about safe disposable methods of used sanitary pads and how to keep the genital area clean during period days. Thus, we can achieve personal cleanliness. We are also speaking about importance of using hand sanitizer after changing a sanitary pad. Thus the goal of MHM (Menstrual hygiene management) can be achieved.
Dealing with stomach pains:
Stomach and back pains are inseparable part of monthly periods. We suggest girls some proven solutions like hot water bag. Our major emphasize is on homemade remedies because those are easily accessible.
Beliefs myths and taboos:
This is a very important part of our sessions. As there are number of mis beliefs do exist in our society about periods. So, our target is that to prepare young minds at early age to stay away from such beliefs and walk a healthy way towards womanhood.
Questions:(Menstrual Talk)
Last fifteen minutes of our session are generally dealing with questions about menstruation. Being a facilitator, we are trying to answer the doubts and queries of a young girls in a scientific way. We as a team consider this segment as an important one where girls can ask any questions freely and in the absence of their teachers so that girls can talk without any boundaries about menstruation.

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