Creating awareness about maintaining a good menstrual hygiene

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REIN India wants to bring sustainable changes in Government Schools where menstrual hygiene is less discussed topic. There are many number of doubts and queries do exist among girls’ mind when they attend an age; Instead of supressing those curiosity REIN India tries to speak them out in a friendly environment. REIN India wants to bring sustainable menstruation by spreading a word about reusable cloth pads and motivating young girls to switch to cotton pads from that of traditional branded napkins which create a thrash to our precious environment.

Let’s Educate and Talk About Periods

According to the 2011 Census, 89 per cent of the nation’s population lives in homes that lack toilets. It is undoubtedly a daunting task, not to mention extremely unsafe, for women to take control of their menstrual cycles with dignity. One out of five girls drops out of school when their periods begin owing to lack of basic infrastructure. A report by AC Nielsen and Plan India found that in 2010 that out of the 355 million reproductive age women in India, only 12 per cent could access modern products for feminine hygiene. Most women use old rags instead and are exposed to reproductive tract infections.




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Be a part of REIN INDIA FOUNDATION and help create healthy and clean toilet premises inside school campus.

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