About The Organization

“REIN INDIA FOUNDATION” is a non-profit organization and it was founded in December 2016 with a motive to bring sustainable social changes. Mrs. VAISHALI RAJARATHINAM is a founder member and managing trustee of the organization. Being M.S.W graduate she believes firmly that grassroots level efforts can bring in expected social changes. Working with people and working for people is an ethic of “REIN INDIA FOUNDATION”.

Activities Carried in July’2022

Menstrual Awareness Session

Nearly 60% of girls do not have prior knowledge about menstruation during adolescence. We conduct awareness sessions on Menstrual health with adolescence school going girls. We motivate girls to use cotton pads instead of disposable sanitary pads contains harmful chemicals.

Total number of sessions conducted in July’2022 - 08
Total number of girls got participated in July’2022 - 246

Wings Of Desire

Rein India Foundation is bringing the people with disabilities under one roof and providing them an opportunity to show up their skills. We are trying to provide employment to needy and disabled ladies and create a sustainable social business model which can changes many lives at a time.

Story of Ms. Anita
Story of Ms. Parvati

1)Menstrual Awareness Session

Number of Sessions Conducted – 1

Number of Girls participated – 30

Number of Sessions Conducted – 2

Number of Girls participated – 42

Number of Sessions Conducted – 5

Number of Girls participated – 174

2) Physically challenged beneficiaries Data

Story of Ms. Anita

Anita is a physically challenged lady(age38) residing at Shivajinagar at Girl’s hostel. Her native place is Chitra Durga District. She came to Bangalore few years ago in the search of employment. She worked in small factory to support her dreams for last four years. Her family is also not financially well off to look after her.
Few months back she complained to me about stomach pain. We thought it was a common illness but once when her roommate Mubina called me, I have found the severity of her health issues. She was suffering from continuous omitting and stomach pain. Unfortunately, there was no one present from her family. Next day we decided to visit a doctor and we could identify about Anita’s illness. She was suffering from kidney stones. Doctors from Victoria Hospital asked her to get admitted in hospital for the surgery. The estimated cost for the operation was 37000 INR. As Anita was not able to fund her surgery, we Rein India Foundation decided to support her financially for 15000 INR and got the surgery done for Ms. Anita.
We were in continuous touch with Anita and supporting her when she was undergoing the treatment and during her recovery period as well. Rein India foundation feels happy to support Anita.

Story of Ms. Parvati

Parvati is one of our beneficiaries. She is a physically challenged and hardworking women. She used
to explore in stitching. In this month, total number of bags stitched by Parvati is:100 bags. They are

  • Sanitary napkin holder
  •  Zipper shopping bag
  •  Passport and document holders