story of Lakshmi- disabled lady



Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most
of all experience to enjoy. Yeah!!! It is true. We as an
organization came across beautiful experiences while working
with some of the graceful souls of this planet. We will try to sum
them up for our audiences.

It was the year 2018 when we meet our artistic lady Mrs. Lakshmi
during some art exhibitions. Lakshmi kept some terracotta Diya’s
for sell; for our surprise, those days were beautifully colored by
Lakshmi. Later while working with her we came to know about
her health issues. Lakshmi was working hard to meet both ends
despite certain body conditions. She was suffering from
Menorrhagia, a severe blood loss during periods. Due to poor
economic conditions, she was not able to afford the cost for
the operation which was suggested by some doctors.

Fortunately, we could grab one big corporate order for
terracotta handmade Diya’s during Deepavali. We. could pay a
good amount of money to Lakshmi and she was able to perform
her long waited operation.

Approximately 2.31% population of India is disabled people and
most of the time physically challenged people are untapped from

Keeping these points in mind Rein India Foundation
continually trying to reach to more disabled people of society and
improving their lives by providing a sustainable way of livelihood

During a small pan of time Rein India Foundation tried to involve
with its beneficiaries at the grassroots level and we believe firmly that
ground level efforts will surely change the situations.

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Thank You.

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