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“I don’t know about the rest of the days, but I am surely an angle
during those five days in which I wear my wing.” Yes, you are reading

During our ‘Menstrual Talk’ we have come across with more than
1000 school going girls. Most of the time it’s not about sanitary
napkins or taboos related to Menstruation, but it is about lack of
knowledge about periods. Most of the time people around us
correlate menstruation hygiene directly with sanitary napkins, but it is
not a fact indeed! Menstruations is much beyond the pads.
It was an afternoon of a crispy winter. We were about to wind up our
menstruation session in one of the government schools. Most of the
girls went back to their respective classes, but one Hindi speaking girl
was moving around me with some doubts on her face. I initiated the
conversation and there came a doubt. “Madam periods ke time
ladkon ko hath lagane se hum pregnant hote hai kya??” I laughed

and replied to her “No not”!!! and explained a pregnancy for her.
In another similar incident, one girl asked our volunteers politely”
ma’am if I feed a cow during my periods will cow die??” once again
with all patients, we clarified her doubt.

Girls used to ask us any questions about periods and the rashes
they are getting during periods. We are trying our level best to
spread cotton pads as it is reusable and washable.
As an organization, we generally avoid distributing disposable
sanitary napkins as it can gain us only a cheap publicity but long-term
effect cannot be achieved. Sustainable menstruation is our mission
and it will run in a long way.

Thank you for reading us with patience. For further updates keep
reading our blogs.

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